The FATE Experiment

Agent Field Report; date-unclear

##Note: Although this post is coming between our 2nd and 3rd sessions, it is a belated recap our of 1st session, from the point of view of who we now know as R. Lattimer.

Feild Report
While I’m not sure why, I feel the need to record what has happened. This moment of calm seem a good enough time as any. Perhaps I have a superior officer waiting for my reports. That seems right. While I’m sure such details as date and mission number should be included here, I still can’t remember my own name, so you’ll have to bare with me.

Our story, as far as I can recall, begins in a sterile medical room, waking in the company of two other people whom, like myself, seemed to have no memory of who or where we were nor how or why we were there. After some poking around, the woman with us found a doorway, set flush with wall, leading down a corridor. At this point, she seem to have some intimate knowledge of the building we were in. We came into a second room, mush like the on we woke in, however the occupants of these beds had been chemically mummified. The sight of the corpses seem to break through my memory block and I knew I had handled many bodies, perhaps as a mortician at this facility.

Beyond a disheveled laboratory (where the others recalled medical training) we discovered a level 5 quarantine corridor. I knew something… unsettling was at the far end so when the lady doctor when to investigate, I naturally followed as backup, reaching to ready a sidearm that wasn’t there. It was something I had learned at Glynco, which I don’t belive trains morticians. The body we found in quarantine had been further ravaged by whatever had caused this, although evidence pointed to the effects being less progressed. The holy-unnatural state of the corpse turned my stomach, resulting in a conditioned desire to cool off in the break-room.

There we found the TV was still working, if only receiving audio. Reports of the continuing war ushered a surge of memories for each of us, reminding us of the project we were working on: a counter-agent for a contagion that resulted from the last batch of personnel-reinforcement experiments. The contagion was reaching an airborne state and as a hail-Mary attempt, the staff tested the most recent formulas on themselves. Luckily for us, ours seems to have been successful. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only one. The doctors have research notes that can be used to recreate the serum, but they seem incomplete and in the prior chaos have been jumbled with notes on other (apparently unsuccessful) formulas.

As our memories return (temporary amnesia seems to be the most prominent side effect of the “cure”) so do our apatites. While discovering the state of the world is still a top priority, I believe our next goal will be to find if there is anything salvageable left in the cafeteria.


Ohgrr SpellKeeper8

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