The FATE Experiment

Session 3 - GM's Point of View

Last night was short and a bit chaotic. We railroaded straight through to the goal with little story on the way. Because of that I thought it would be a good idea to talk a little about what makes good literature, well, good.

First lets start with character. Every great tale had at least one personality at it’s core. The best of which are dynamic, meaning they change and grow as they experience the story as a whole. Static characters are flat, as they always remain the same. However, this generally makes them good for plot as non important characters and fluff. In a nutshell, a good character adds to the story, a static one is hardly more than a set piece.

Plot, though very important for a good story, is overstated. The truth be told, there really aren’t that many to choose from. It is unfortunate that this is commonly touted when people refer to literature. Keeping the plot in mind, though, does help move the story to it’s conclusion.

For roleplaying purposes, conflict is likely the most important aspect of a game. In any story worth reading there is always an antagonist. Period. It doesn’t always mean there is an epic bad guy, mind you. Often the adversary can be people, but it could just as easily be nature or an entire organization. If you do not have good conflict you will have a flat and boring story. People will soon begin to long for something to do. Since we are playing FATE we need to keep in mind that conflict is written into the mechanics of the system.

Lastly, this isn’t a video game. We are not trying to win. Just because you see the goal at the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean you should just try and get there. The fun of this style of game is the journey it takes to get there. I am thinking this week coming will spell the natural end for this story and I am not going to try and force more out of it. Kat is talking about running a pirate game, again in FATE, and I will turn over the reigns to her. However, keep these characters in mind. I am sure there is a lot more chance for adventure in the ravished world they are in. For next week lets try to slow down a little and enjoy the story we are weaving. Keep up the good role-playing, I have some curve balls I think I am going to throw in, and lets have a great time this coming week.


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