The FATE Experiment

Zoe's diary entery.


Date unknown

Dear Diary,

This day started out with me and two men in a while room. We found the revolving door by pulling the leaver on the hospital bed. That door led us unknowingly to my sisters died body (at the time I had no knowledge of this since no one could remember anything.) When I placed my hand on the ;hand pad it triggered a memory of a lab. There I remembered an explosion. Still unsure what happened. After reading my notes I discovered that something got out and went wrong and now people are dying. As of now no one knows how long we were out but we took our antidote on 8/7/2027. We found the TV in the lounge there was no picture but we did here “There is no change in the war.” That is when we realized an epidemic had started a war. After this long confusing experience I still have no name but my sister is died and my brother-in-law and one other man is all that is left at this facility.


Ohgrr gahouly

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